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Meet Your Photographer


It’s always hard to write about myself without sounding like I’m writing a boring textbook. Which is very odd, considering I am anything but textbook.

Let start with the basics.

I am a mother of two fantastic kids. One little boy & one little girl. They’re my dynamic duo,  ALWAYS keeping me on my toes,
but I wouldn’t want it any other way. ** They’re so awesome, we decided to add the final addition to our family! Our Little Alexander was born June 2015. Going from 2 kids to 3 has been both challenging and so so rewarding at the same time.

I’m also a momma to an adorable little boxer mix, who has my heart all tied up and a rescue terrier named Chuck,  These dogs, I swear. <3

I am married to a pretty spectacular man, who loves sports and is in the Army.
He’s given me a reason to love again.

I’m a custom lifestyle photographer because I love working with people the way they are. While some things are posed, most of my work is very lifestyle and easy going. I want the experience to be a stress-free and fun one! Life is way to short to stress the little things and way to long to do the same old thing.

I love adventure. I love waking up knowing I have an entire new day to experience life all over again. I also invest my time in a lot of coffee and late nights to maximize the most of my days. I’m a busy body. :)

If I have any downtime, I’m looking for a way to fill it up!

Most importantly, I am me. I am the best when I am myself. I help too much, love too much, and care too much. It’s exactly the way I want to be. I give it my all, 110% of the time because I love doing what I do. <3

I capture life. love. emotion.

A peek into my life. I am a real person with success,  struggles, good days, bad days, love, laughter, experiences, fitness, food and family.

A little more technical?

I’ve been in business since July 2008, use Professional Canon equipment, Adobe editing software, am part of the
Professional Photographers of America and have been Internationally published as well as travelled internationally for work.

I’m also a non-profit photographer for the Tiny Sparrow Foundation