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How does it all work? What to expect from a custom photography session with ABP.

Fort-Hood-Engagement-photographer-07+   How does it all work? What to expect from a custom photography session with ABP. 

You’ve come to the conclusion that you want pictures done. Great! You’ve started your hunt for the perfect photographer and somehow it’s brought you to me. Yay! Now what? For someone who has never had professional custom photography done before this probably seems like a spinning mess.  No worries, it’s all pretty simple.

Finding your photographer:

Your photographer should be someone you feel comfortable with, click with, enjoy talking to and being around. If you have kids, this is especially important! I love love love when clients pick me, but I want to make sure that I am the perfect photographer for my clients.

Getting down to business:

Now that you’ve decided you’re going to be apart of the ABP Family, (yes, I like to think of my clients as family, not just clients) lets get the ball rolling! One of the first things you’ll do is explain to me what you’re looking for. What type of session, do you have a theme, is there any special circumstances? Details! The more details I know, the better I can tailor your session to your wants.
Sealing the deal:

Once we figure out what you want, we’ll find a date that works for both of us. I normally only hold sessions on weekends, but will schedule on some weeknight evenings if the need arises. Great, we’ve picked your session date and now we’re ready to make it official. I will email you a client contract which also has the session fee payment attached. You’ll fill out the session contract, pick the appropriate session type and proceed with payment. (Session fee’s are due at booking due to too many no-show clients or last minute cancellations. I love my job, but it also takes me away from my children, so I need to know that when I’m booking a session that the clients are serious about keeping it.) I will receive two emails once you’ve done this. Your session contract & your payment confirmation. If payment confirmation is not sent, your session contract is not valid. If you have any problems with the process, please let me know asap! :)

Leading to your session:

If you have questions in the time leading up to your session, let me know! You’ll receive a detailed email normally a few days prior to your session with what to expect, what to bring, the address / location and any other information you might need. Locations are based on what type of look you’re going for. Normally my clients leave locations up to me, but if you have any suggestions, please let me know :)
Session Day!:

*If they’re going to have a snack on the way to the session, or any liquids, pack the session clothes in a bag and change them upon arrival. *

We’ll meet at your session location and get settled in. If you have kids, normally I’ll survey the situation and see if I need to work with them one on one to make them ore comfortable with me. All kids are different and some may need more time than others. That’s completely ok! Some sessions only take forty-five minutes, some take an hour and a half. Every session is different. Your session is done and was a total success. (Just a side note, if I don’t feel like I got the images I needed from a session, we keep shooting. Please remember that I will not tell you they were great when I didn’t get anything. That would not benefit anyone! So, if you fee like I didn’t get anything good ,*this is normally when you have a toddler that is very active* know that I’m not going to tell you I got great images unless I really did. :P

When can I see them?!:

The best part of my job is the sneak peeks. The what? Yes, sneak peeks. The full session gallery will not be done for three weeks, however, your sneak peeks are normally up within a few days of your session. This give you a chance to see some of the images from your session right away. This gives you an idea of how the session is going to look. I always get so impatient, so I’m excited to see sneak peeks whenever I get images done. These images are posted to the ABP Facebook fan page. You may tag yourself in them, share them, make them your profile image or cover photo.

Please remember DO NOT SCREENSHOT / DOWNLOAD  / CROP  the images or alter them in any way if you decided to do any of the above :)

Session complete:

Your session is done and I’m ready to show you. :)  You’ll get an email from me with your session gallery link, password and instructions. Your proofing gallery will be available for 2 weeks from the date it’s created. In this time you can view your images and make purchases from it. If you have family that would like to view and purchase from the gallery, you can forward the information to them. :) They can order and pay online and I’ll mail the images to them. :)
Your order is in:

You’ve sat down, picked your favorites and made your purchase. The email is sent to me and I process your order. I submit your print order to the printers and the images are mailed to my office. Once I get them, I package them and email you to set up a meeting for you to pick them up. We’ll meet at an agreed location for delivery. We’re done! If you need to re-order, have other questions, need help with anything at all, contact me and let me know.