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Best photographer in the area!

Well, to begin this review, I want to let everyone know that Amanda is awesome! Okay, now the review, she was recommended to us by two of my best friends for an engagement session for me and my fiance at the time. But, things fell into place and she became my wife and so the session became and Elopement session. This session was amazing and she let us kinda give ideas (which never really happens lol) and then she took the light and surroundings perfectly into account. Amanda really is one of the best photographers in the area, and state to be frank. We just finished our most current session with her, another mini session for holiday cards, and it was awesome! We had to reschedule and she was very quick to get back with us about a new date. Amanda really loves her clients and will do anything for them. We have used her for all of our pictures that we've had taken over the last two years, so its an awesome experience. We love Amanda and can't wait for another session with her! - Tyler A.


Amanda's skills are amazing! Not only can you tell that she loves her job, but she makes memories that last a lifetime! Amanda really took the time to get to know my little family and was extremely kind. She does amazing work and I will definitely come back to her in the future!

Amanda is phenomenal.

So, this review is a bit overdue, but I haven't forgotten. Amanda is phenomenal. Her fees are a little high, which made me nervous before I knew how awesome she is, but now I can very confidently say, you will be getting what you paid for. First, I have to mention her upbeat personality. She is great with making everyone feel comfortable, engaging with kids, and just making the entire experience fun. She is quick to reply through email to any questions or comments. And, she is killer with her camera and editing. I have been looking at the photos I had done with her every day and am still as impressed with them as I was the first time I saw them. Usually after looking at pictures of myself over and over I nitpick every. single. thing. But that hasn't happened yet with these ones. I just smile like a fool when I see them each day. Anyways, there's a gajillion more good things I could say, but I'll just end with saying I can't wait to work with her again. -Sarah B.